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Ashtranus Samathas - Spiritual healer from Germany

"The love between us,

 has a healing effect for all people"


Feedback from our customers

Sukesh, India
"This healing session was a great feeling for me.
I was very stressed and feeling pain in my body but after the first session itself i was very relaxed and feeling healed from my body pain. Thank you Ashtranus for doing such a wonder session continue the good work."

Bernadette, Austria
"Dear Ashtranus, I want to thank you! Your meditations have changed so much for me !! Heart desires have suddenly come true, physical complaints have suddenly disappeared (according to the medi wos about physical healing), etc...
An’Anasha with all my heart!!!"

Paula, Germany
"Hello dear Florian, thank you very much for the energy transfer last night. I have had problems with my shoulder for some time. Tensions and limitations of the arm. Suddenly I got pain in the shoulder during the transfer. Afterwards the impairments were all gone. That has I am very impressed. Thank you again for the strong energy you have sent me. "