Your personal message from the spiritual world (channeling)

With a personal channeling, a spiritual being from the spiritual world speaks through me, with you. Speaking through me include: Ashtar Sheran, Sathya Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Merlin, Sanat Kumara, Toth, etc.

With a channeling via script, the spiritual world will answer one question (or several questions if desired). I will then send you the channeling via email.

Price for Indians
Per question: 783,58 INR = 10 €

Price for rest of the world
Per question: 40 €

What is a message from the spiritual world (channeling)?

Every person channels (channels, speaks) whether consciously or unconsciously with the spiritual world and his soul. Many people show that in the form of good intuition, an inner voice or a gut feeling for certain situations! With a little practice and awareness you can learn to feel and interpret these feelings / messages more precisely. For example, you can receive messages about the third eye (also called: inner eye) in pictures, or you can translate the energies / feelings of your own soul or those of the spiritual world into words. This creates a channeling as I offer it on my website. You don't have to be a chosen one to channel, everyone can learn to channel.

The most important thing when transmitting messages from the soul and the spiritual world is to have the deepest possible connection to your own soul. If you then channel out of a deep love, the highest energies flow through you as a channel to people, these reality energies have a healing effect and help you to attain a higher consciousness. When listening to or reading messages, it is like music, you feel addressed by the energies behind the words, where the true wisdom of the soul lies.