Personal magic distance ritual

The shamans have been working with magic for many millennia, for humans and for Mother Earth. It brings all life into balance and into the natural flow of reality. Their power flows in the rituals, always in the flow of love for you. Magic also only works as powerfully as is good and right for your soul. The magic of the new age is anything but manipulative. It is pure light energy. It is the essence of divine creation.

It is possible to perform a ritual tailored to your needs.

Or on the following topics:

Energy expansion
Ritual for "Balancing the energies"
Ritual for „Strengthening the light body and make him stable“
Against emotional and physical pain
Against depressions
Against allergies
Harmony and peace in the family
Human love
The task of the soul success

Before a ritual, I prepare your soul together with the spiritual world for the ritual. So that the best possible can happen for you. We make an appointment in the late evening or early morning. At the appropriate time you have a deep intention in your home and I work for you.

Costs for Indians
Compensation: 4701,51 INR = 60 €

Price for rest of the world
Compensation: 120 €